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Smart City Economies

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Technology is rapidly changing the global economic landscape, both in the developing and developed worlds. People everywhere have more access to technology and information than ever before. How can this digital infrastructure accelerate growth? In this webinar, CIMCON Advisory Board member and Mastercard executive, Nic Villa will discuss how digital infrastructure and economies can be leveraged to accelerate socioeconomic opportunities across the globe. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Smart cities’ evolution in the last 15 years: from connectivity to IoT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business model evolution- From vendor-buyer hardware agreements  to co-creation and insights as a service
  • Sustainable economic models for smart city rollouts
  • Moving beyond “the tyranny of pilots”- Economic development in the city- data & payments as the new frontier 
Nicola Villa, Vice President, Strategic Growth, Mastercard

Nicola  Villa is a Mastercard senior executive focused at the intersection between digital infrastructure, economic development, and sustainability. A corporate entrepreneur at heart, Nicola brings together foresight, innovation, strategy, and execution to help leading public sector organizations across the world achieve their policy objectives. Nicola is in charge of the government industry’s vertical strategy and go to market initiatives at Mastercard, with a specific focus on government infrastructures, sustainable tourism, economic development, public finance management and citizen welfare.