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Enabling Smart Cities with NB-IoT

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Smart Cities start with something as simple as a temperature sensor or lighting controller. Capturing data from your neighborhoods, adjusting street lighting schedules, or even notifying city employees proactively to arising issues are fantastic smart city initiatives to help drive data for infrastructure projects, promote energy savings, and increase public safety.

As the barrier to entry for cities becomes even more affordable, cities are finding amazingly innovative ways to capture data from their cities from vehicle and pedestrian monitoring to smart trash pickup. With the possibilities being endless for smart city enablement it does bring one huge barrier into question.
How are we going to power these sensors and how will we communicate with them?

In this webinar, we spoke about new and innovative technologies that are enabling cities to scale their smart city initiatives from hundreds to even millions of sensors whether they are miles apart, underground, or right next to each other. In the 30-minute session we’ll discuss:

  •  The growth of smart city enablement across the globe
  •  Smart city applications are shockingly available now
  •  What technologies are being used to support those smart city initiatives
  •  The benefits and weaknesses of those technologies
  •  How CIMCON is enabling our customers to harness this technology
Andy Haig - Manager of Business Development Utilities - Vodafone
Mark Cullum - Consultant - CIMCON Lighting