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Safe And Secure Video Management with the NearSky Platform

Tuesday - March 9, 2021 | 10 AM ET

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Everyone knows video can be a valuable data source for cities and towns everywhere - but many municipal managers are left wondering how to take advantage of this tool without sacrificing the citizen's privacy and safety. 

The NearSky Smart City Platform has the answer. Our edge-based solution allows municipal managers to find and capture the video data they need without jeopardizing citizen privacy. Join our webinar to examine how we're combining optical sensors and edge computers  to provide a powerful sensor network to enhance public safety and optimize public works - all with no need for facial images or other identifiable data. 

Built on your existing streetlight infrastructure, the NearSky Platform provides an efficient and low cost way to easily deploy sensor networks to build the eyes and ears of your city's streets. Our video solution is one of many smart city applications that is uniquely compatible with most streetlights, no drilling, permitting, or electricians required. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Why edge computing is the safest way to manage video content 
  • How CIMCON's NearSky Platform makes capturing and storing video data from public spaces easier and more secure. 
  • How municipalities are using the NearSky Platform to optimize traffic counting, public safety operations and much more. 


Vlad Evtimov - NearSky Product Manager 
Vlad leads product management for CIMCON's smart city practice. He has a technical background in enterprise software and cloud technologies.