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NearSky - Enabling the Delivery
of Urban Services

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Cities are increasingly facing the challenge of collecting and aggregating digital data from a wide variety of physical assets instrumented with multiple controls and sensors on or near the street pole. Using Machine to Machine (M2M) and the “Internet of Outdoor Things” technologies, cities are now able to gather data from distributed and now connected assets to improve real-time management and respond to issues as they occur.

In this webinar, CIMCON will first introduce the “NearSky” and why it is important in the move to the Smart City. CIMCON will then present its NearSky™ platform, comprised of the NearSky™ 360 sensor hub and NearSky™ Vue information hub, and how the NearSky™ platform will provide cities with a scalable landing platform for sensor, controls and device data on or near the street pole to be easily collected, aggregated and visualized.

Questions to be Answers:

  • What is the “NearSky” and why is it important to the Smart City?
  • What is CIMCON’s NearSky platform and how does it help cities organize, monitor, manage and monetize data coming from devices on and near the street pole?
  • What applications are supported by CIMCON’s NearSky™ platform?
  • What is required for the implementation of the NearSky™ platform?

Who Should Attend:

  • City and town managers interested in gaining control over their lighting assets.
  • Utilities who seek to fulfill the promise of a Smart City.
  • Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) who wish to participate in the Digital Transformation of their customers.
William "Bill" White, Solutions Architect

Bill White leads the systems architecture efforts at CIMCON Lighting and has global experience delivering integrated sensing, control, and analytical solutions in a wide variety of industries. Bill has a substantial portfolio of innovative and profitable projects and has been granted 7 U.S. patents.