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Making Partnerships Work,
for Cities and for Smart-Solution Providers:
What are the Key Ingredients for Success

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Resources in cities around the world are being stretched thin by unprecedented migration to urban centers. Innovative city leaders and solutions providers are turning to partners to help bridge gaps and meet the demands of their growing populations. In this webinar, we'll focus on how smart city practitioners can leverage partnerships to do more, with less. Join our conversation with Gordon Feller, an expert in stakeholder engagement, to discuss best practices and key ingredients for smart city success.

Gordon Feller, Founder, Meeting of the Minds

Gordon Feller is the Founder of Meeting of the Minds, a non-profit whose mission is to bring together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share knowledge and catalyze lasting alliances. The organization fosters person-to-person and city-to-city learning by spotlighting projects and practitioners working on urban solutions throughout the world. Gordon also advises start-ups and senior executives focused on making investments in energy, transport, and urban technologies – all of them focused on building positive urban futures.