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Increase Energy Savings &
Reduce Repair Costs for Your City with LightingGale

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Municipalities are seeing massive savings when buying their municipal streetlights from the utility company and upgrading to LED streetlights. The problem is cities often miss a huge opportunity to also install lighting controllers during that process to gain even further savings (up to 30%) in additional energy savings. Additionally, when issues with streetlights arise, a city still must send a utility worker to the pole to investigate and repair the light sometimes requiring 2 to 4 different truck runs.

In this on-demand webinar, we walked through the benefits of the LightingGale management software, how municipalities are using it today to manage their lighting infrastructure and generate valuable reporting details on their energy usage.

LightingGale is CIMCON's lighting management software built to help you increase your energy savings, optimize the number of truck rolls, and increase resident satisfaction. With LightingGale you can

  • Proactively dim streetlights for additional savings
  • Address resident lighting issues right from your office
  • Diagnose and debug lighting issues
  • Provide repair crews with details to repair lights in one truck roll
  • Generate power usage reports
Bob Flaherty, VP of Managed Services, CIMCON Lighting