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August 21, 2019

We Bought a Farm!

Ok, we didn't buy a farm - we did volunteer at one though! 

August 21, 2019 - What could possibly be better than working in the CIMCON office? Working on a farm with your CIMCON teammates of course!

Last month, Team CIMCON stepped out of the office and into the sun for a day of volunteering at the Community Harvest Project (CHP) in Grafton MA. CHP is a non-profit farm that engages volunteers (like us!) to grow fruits and vegetables to provide for those experiencing hunger in our communities.

People who experience hunger are more likely to have limited access to healthy foods, which contributes to diet related health conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. At CHP, volunteers farm and donate produce so everyone can have healthy food options. Each year  CHP delivers 440,000 servings of fruits and vegetables to food banks in Worchester, MA and the surrounding towns.

Our mission at CIMCON is to help cities become smarter, safer and more sustainable. Without a healthy population in the cities we serve, none of that is possible. And so, we traded our laptops in for clippers and got to work.

turnips 2

First, we harvested zucchini and summer squash; then we moved to the "fall harvest field" to plant a row of turnips; to wrap up the day we shuffled around delicate sweet potato vines to protect them from the mechanical weeder that was schedule to pass through later that day.

As we washed up and prepared to leave, we saw the squash we had picked only hours earlier being packed and labeled for distribution to nearby foodbanks. Knowing that our zuchs could be feeding our neighbors as early as that evening made all the dirt under our fingernails worth it.

All told, the day was so rewarding we thought we might want to do this more often. Perhaps we should get a farm of our own, one with grow lights managed with our intelligent street light controls.  That way the plants would get exactly the amount of light they need to maximize production so we can feed more people with less energy....

Anyway, back to our day jobs.



Written by: Liz Glivinski
Date: August 21, 2019

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