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June 12, 2019

The New NearSky: More Power and Flexibility at the Edge

The future is here with the new NearSky.


CIMCON Lighting recently announced their release of the next generation of their award-winning NearSky™ smart city platform and the smart city and lighting communities have begun to recognize the trail that NearSky is blazing in the industry. For example, just a few days after that announcement, CIMCON’s revolutionary platform won the Innovation Award (Controls Category) at LIGHTFAIR International, the world’s largest showplace for what’s new and next in lighting technology. Awards and recognition are nothing new to NearSky, however, which earlier this year also received the 2019 Gold Edison Award in the IoT Category at the Edison Awards, “one of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business”.

The new and improved platform reflects the need cities have to push more applications to the outside and the edge of their computer networks. The platform’s new capabilities include: 

  • 12 ready-to-deploy, packaged smart city solutions, including solutions for public safety monitoring, flood/water detection, noise detection, road condition monitoring, and metered power/communications for Wi-Fi access points. 
  • Broader compatibility with existing municipal infrastructures through a built-in LTE communications channel that allows cities to deploy NearSky edge data processors regardless of whether their streetlights have photocells or intelligent lighting controllers. 
  • An updated edge processing engine with a quad-core processor that allows cities to deploy multiple applications on a single NearSky device and allows cities to deploy less costly cameras for video analytics/surveillance. 
  • More analytic capabilities, including expanded integration with visualization tools 
  • Lifecycle management improvements, such as tools that monitor the health of NearSky edge data processors and allow for over-the-air application deployments/updates 
  • A software development kit for creating mobile apps for citizens and users or applications that can be deployed on the NearSky edge data processors 

As one CIO recently stated, “many cities are still trying to figure out how to deploy a camera at the lightpole.” NearSky clearly solves that problem with the NearSky 360 edge data processorwhich simplifies the deployment of a wide range of sensors, controls, and devices on or near the light pole. Simple, flexible, and future-ready, it gives cities the path forward that they have lacked.   

But the challenge of “digitizing the outside world” goes well beyond installing a camera on a pole. NearSky has opened city leader’s imaginations to what they can now accomplish with their digitization and smart city efforts. With NearSky StreetVibe, a cloud-based information hub that enables municipalities to easily aggregate, visualize, and analyze data from a single location. The platform simplifies any city’s data collection and analysis efforts, and gives city leaders the situational awareness, or the eyes and ears, they need to rethink and re-engineer their city services.

The new generation of NearSky is a testament to both the exceptional efforts of CIMCON’s product team and the ambition of each of our customers to improve their city in meaningful ways. Together we are revolutionizing how smart cities are implemented and run, one streetlight at a time.  

Written by: Yousuf Khan
Date: June 12, 2019

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