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July 1, 2020

Smart Streetlights – The Foundation of the Smart City

June 26, 2020 - An intelligent streetlight infrastructure is the first and easiest step in the path to creating a Smart City as it serves as the foundation or backbone network to deliver services that benefit citizens, businesses and city government. At the heart of this infrastructure, is LED-based lighting and sensor technology that is built into intelligent streetlights and complimentary devices. Initially these technologies allow cities to implement emerging Smart City applications that enable them to reduce energy waste, improve public safety through traffic monitoring and video analytics, monitor environmental conditions, improve operational efficiency through services like smart parking and waste management, and encourage revenue generation through EV charging and digital signage.


Grounded in a rich history of creating smart and connected controls products for a wide range of industrial applications operating in challenging environments, CIMCON’s smart lighting solutions are perfectly suited for any city moving to “smart” as its lighting solutions are network and spectrum agnostic, and run over a variety of LPWAN networking technologies including Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, RPMA, and AMI networks, ISM and Sub-GHz radio and Mesh networking technologies.

CIMCON’s Intelligent Lighting Management Solution consists of three main components:

  • An Intelligent Street Light Controller (SLC) platform that continuously monitors and controls an LED fixture or light point. The SLC consists of a wireless mesh radio with self-forming, self-healing and optimal path (least hop) capabilities that provide robust and geographically spread wireless connectivity throughout the city. The SLC supports flexible power options (from 120V to 480V AC), location detection, energy metering, dimming and ruggedized construction. The SLC is proven to work in harsh weather and extreme environmental conditions such as sun loading and extreme temperatures; and on a city’s dirty power grids or in the presence of poor power quality.
  • A Wireless Gateway serves as an IP (or WAN) Network attachment point for intelligent wireless lighting controllers (iSLCs) to communicate with CIMCON’s cloud-based Central Management System (CMS). The gateway provides flexible backhaul communications options over WAN wired (Ethernet/Wi-Fi/fiber) and wireless (cellular 4G/LTE) technologies and consists of a local mesh radio connecting to the cluster of SLCs over a private wireless mesh network.
  • Cloud-based Central Management System is comprised of web-based central management and control software that works in conjunction with CIMCON’s lighting controllers to monitor and control the city’s lighting assets. The CMS help cities, town, municipalities, parking garages, retail malls, auto dealerships, college and business campuses easily control their lighting fixtures to reduce energy, maintenance and repair costs. Accessible from any browser, the CMS provides users with robust capabilities including scheduling, dimming, health monitoring, asset management and fault notifications. The CMS also supports popular standard Web services protocols and Open API capabilities for easy integration with third-party server-based applications, city data platforms, and operation centers to enable new revenue streams for the city, and an improved quality of life for citizens.

The key takeaways and benefits of considering CIMCON’s smart lighting solution are:

  • Network Agnostic support for a majority of popular LPWAN wireless and mesh technologies.
  • Simple to setup and install – zero touch configuration
  • It is proven for city power and harsh outdoor environments.
  • Enables significant reduction of energy and maintenance costs
  • Increases public safety from improved lighting
  • Safer traffic due to increased visibility of hazards
  • Measurable environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption
  • Industry-leading/proven Industrial IoT Security technology with multi-factor authentication, data and network security.
  • Network redundancy, scalability and software upgrades of future applications/functionality

CIMCON’s smart lighting solution is uniquely different from similar solutions as its SLC interoperates with and supports a variety of wireless technologies, and its cloud-based CMS application delivers rich capabilities enabling remote control of the lights including ON/OFF, adaptive scheduling/dimming, energy monitoring, fault detection, health monitoring, asset management, graphical visualization overlay of the streetlight network on a city map (Google Map/Google Earth), and a suite of dashboard and reports for operational efficiency.

The importance of implementing a robust, intelligence streetlight infrastructure cannot be understated in the development of the Smart City. It will be the foundation on which a city builds innovative smart city applications that drives a limitless revenue stream.

This article was originally posted in August, 2018, by Owais Hassan. We've updated it to reflect some of our newest capabilities. 

Written by: CIMCON Lighting
Date: July 1, 2020

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