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March 20, 2020

CIMCON’s New Office – A Microcosm of a Smart City

March 2020 - In case you haven't heard, we moved! Last July we found a new home in beautiful Burlington, MA suitable to fit our growing team. Over the past few months we've been making the space our own with new artwork, furniture and of course, snacks!


We spend a significant amount of our lives in the office, so it’s important that we foster an environment that energizes people to work collaboratively while still providing quiet spaces needed to focus.  CIMCON is taking this concept a step further with our new office space.  Our space provides bright, open spaces for collaboration and innovation as well as state of the art conference rooms. The building features a fully catered kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch daily  and a fully equipped gym for employee use 24/7. 

We’ve also created a microcosm of a smart city to help our team envision how we can further help our customers.  Today, our staff and visitors can take a walk down Innovation Way, have lunch with friends in The Commons, have a meeting Downtown, meet with our Accounting team in The Financial District, and so much moreWe’re very excited about our new space and think it’s the perfect way to create a happier, more productive work environment. 

Take a look at how we’re transforming our space:


sunset in the office

In our Kitchen, the Common,  floor to ceiling windows look out over Willard's Woods in Lexington. 

Our Customer success team works under their motto "Good is not Good enough". 

Our new space has many small teaming rooms for sharing ideas and 

Our large board room, Uptown, can seat most of our US team and is equipped for  video calling so we can eep up with our teammates, partners, and customers all over the globe.




Did we mention there are two coffee stations?



If you like what you see, you're in luck - We are hiring! Check out our openings here. 

Written by: Heidi Sporel
Date: March 20, 2020

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