The Internet of Outdoor Things

Better operational visibility and asset management are the first steps towards your smart city journey.

Think of all the physical assets currently in use by cities. Now think of a better, smarter way to power, connect to, communicate with and manage them.

How much more efficiently could a city operate if the status of its assets is always available and could be monitored to improve performance?

From network-enabled recycling bins to electric vehicle recharging stations to sensors that monitor everything from noise levels, parking availability or fire hydrant pressure, the assets in use by many of today’s smart cities are more manageable, measurable, and controllable than ever before. Connecting to these assets, or almost any device in use by a municipality, gives city managers real-time visibility and more accurate operational status.


NearSky Networking

With CIMCON communication and control devices deployed on a city’s streetlights, every light pole becomes a miniature “NearSky” data hub, providing city personnel with real-time insight, data and information when and where it is needed.

The range of functionality provided by CIMCON’s NearSky StreetVibe helps cities implement an unlimited number of devices, apps, and innovations produced by an ever-growing list of technology companies and manufacturers, many of which are already partnering with CIMCON.

Here is just a sample of how commercially available technologies, combined with CIMCON’s NearSky StreetVibe, can give Smart Cities more information, greater functionality, and increased control over their existing assets.

  • Get real-time video streams for a wide range of solutions.
  • Monitor changes in air quality, including dust, pollen levels, methane, carbon monoxide or almost anything else that can be measured.
  • Sense seismic activity, structural changes or empty-dwelling (“zombie”) fires that could be used as an early warning to save lives and minimize damage.
  • Detect an unusual sound or explosion along a desolate stretch of road.
  • Get notification of an unauthorized start-up of construction equipment.
  • Gather data that could be used for civil or traffic planning, public safety evaluations, and much more.

It’s likely that there is already a device being developed to cover any application you can imagine. And more are being brought to market every year. With CIMCON’s NearSky StreetVibe, the opportunities to implement these solutions and devices - to help a city get to “smart” - is unlimited.