At CIMCON Lighting, our business is to help cities achieve their goal of becoming a “Smart City”. As the global leader for intelligent, software-based streetlight control solutions, CIMCON Lighting has the products, technology and expertise that have allowed the company to evolve into a Smart City solutions provider for cities of all sizes.


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CIMCON’s 25+ years software and controls experience and our understanding of the rapidly changing Smart City landscape makes us the company of choice for a city starting its Smart City journey. Our solutions allow cities to become smarter, safer, and more sustainable by

  • Providing an immediate return on investment.
  • Reducing streetlight energy and maintenance costs by up to 30% and 50%, respectively.
  • Providing first responders with the right amount of light when and where needed.
  • Providing park visitors with immediate access to security personnel.
  • Providing the opportunity to generate revenue from new sources such as EV chargers and digital signage.
  • Future proofing a city’s Smart City technology investment.
  • Providing superior asset management.

At CIMCON, we customize our solutions to meet your city’s specific needs. Our economical approach allows cities to utilize their existing LED fixtures, facilities and other assets to create a wireless network that enables them to implement a wide variety of Smart City solutions. Beyond streetlight monitoring and management, our solutions allow cities to implement solutions that include air quality monitoring, traffic monitoring, video analytics, installation of small cell towers, pedestrian safety, EV charge metering, motion and occupancy sensors, digital signage management, and more.

Join the over 150 cities in 24 countries that have implemented CIMCON’s solutions on their path to “Smart”. To learn more, Contact at: