Enabling Smart Cities with NB-IoT

March 31, 2020

Smart Cities start with something as simple as a temperature sensor or lighting controller. Capturing data from your neighborhoods, adjusting street lighting schedules, or even notifying city employees proactively to arising issues are fantastic smart city initiatives to help drive data for infrastructure projects, promote energy savings, and increase public safety. In this webinar we’ll be speaking about new and innovative technologies that are enabling cities to scale their smart city initiatives from hundreds to even millions of sensors whether they are miles apart, underground, or right next to each other.

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How City Managers Use LightingGale to Save Truck Rolls and Energy

May 5, 2020

Municipalities are seeing massive savings when buying their municipal streetlights from the utility company and upgrading to LED streetlights. The problem is cities often miss a huge opportunity to also install lighting controllers during that process to gain even further savings (up to 30%) in additional energy savings. Additionally, when issues with streetlights arise, a city still must send a utility worker to the pole to investigate and repair the light sometimes requiring 2 to 4 different truck runs.

In this on-demand webinar, we walked through the benefits of the LightingGale management software, how municipalities are using it today to manage their lighting infrastructure and generate valuable reporting details on their energy usage.

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