Smart Parking with the NearSkyTM Platform

Nearly 30% of traffic in cities is caused by vehicles searching for available parking spaces.  The NearSky Smart Parking Solution helps cities manage their parking inventory remotely, making it easier to direct traffic and collect fares. Join this webinar to learn how smart parking can reduce traffic and increase revenue in your city. 

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TALQ the Smart City Protocol

 The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software to configure, control, command and monitor smart city device networks. During this webinar CIMCON will discuss with the advantages of TALQ-2 certified solution including interoperability and future proofing and why TALQ provides answers to the main challenges of building really smart cities including increasing safety and comfort for inhabitants,  reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide, raising cost efficiency for operators managing a smart city.


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Enabling Smart Cities with NB-IoT

Smart Cities start with something as simple as a temperature sensor or lighting controller. Capturing data from your neighborhoods, adjusting street lighting schedules, or even notifying city employees proactively to arising issues are fantastic smart city initiatives to help drive data for infrastructure projects, promote energy savings, and increase public safety. In this webinar we’ll be speaking about new and innovative technologies that are enabling cities to scale their smart city initiatives from hundreds to even millions of sensors whether they are miles apart, underground, or right next to each other.

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Smart Lighting - Enhanced by Cisco Network Infrastructure and Cisco Kinetic for Cities

When CIMCON’s lighting management system is used with Cisco’s networking infrastructure and Cisco Kinetic for Cities, cities gain a next generation lighting infrastructure that is secure and reliable. In this webinar, you will learn how CIMCON’s and Cisco’s connected community infrastructure work together to create a converged network of LEDs, dynamic lighting controls and a software platform to improve management of lighting assets and the quality of lighting services. We will also explore the Cisco Validated Design for CIMCON-based lighting networks.

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Increase Energy Savings & Reduce Repair Costs for Your City with LightingGale

Municipalities are seeing massive savings when buying their municipal streetlights from the utility company and upgrading to LED streetlights. The problem is cities often miss a huge opportunity to also install lighting controllers during that process to gain even further savings (up to 30%) in additional energy savings. Additionally, when issues with streetlights arise, a city still must send a utility worker to the pole to investigate and repair the light sometimes requiring 2 to 4 different truck runs. In this webinar we will walk through how cities and towns are using LightingGale to save energy and money.

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How to Deliver Services and Improve Operational Efficiencies with Open Data

As urban populations and smart city technology becomes more accessible, it is increasingly important for cities to use data to better understand and serve their communities. This webinar will give you a better understanding of the motivations, which spur municipal governments to invest in data resources, create open data policies and share the results that they have achieved. Ultimately, you will be better equipped to build a data-driven culture within your organization and your industry.

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Improving Public Safety through Street Level Analytics

In this webinar, we will be discussing how towns and cities can use the NearSky platform to sense and respond to public safety issues. CIMCON’s Public Safety solution powered by the NearSky platform uses powerful video analytics technology to monitor and alert for potential threats, allowing your city to stop potentially catastrophic problems before they have a chance to start.

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Successful Lighting Projects Start with CIMCON’s Mobile Apps

Watch this webinar to see how CIMCON's mobile applications, EZInstall and LightingGale, can be used to ensure success during the deployment of your lighting management system. 

Featured Speaker: Khris Kendrick - Business Development Executive, CIMCON

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Bicycle Counting and Transportation Planning in Kitchener, Ontario

The Kitchener, Ontario Innovation and IT teams discuss how the NearSky platform helped the city quantify the demand for cycling and get buy-in for city's transportation plan. 

Featured Speakers: Courtney Zinn, Innovation Lab Director, Technology Innovation and Services, City of Kitchener; Chetan Hassarajani, Manager, Digital Infrastructure and Support, Technology Innovation and Services, City of Kitchener

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Financing Your Smart City Vision - How Erie worked with CIMCON and Quantela to make their digital transformation a reality

Not sure how to pay for your smart city projects? You're not alone. In this webinar we'll examine how Erie PA used Quantela's Consumption Based Equity Financing to fund the capital and operational requirements of their digital projects.

Featured Speakers: Karl Sanchack, President and CEO - Erie Innovation District, Aaron Simkin, VP Strategic Partnerships - Quantela, Liz Glivinnski, Business Development Manager  - CIMCON 

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The Complex Challenge of Securing Smart Cities

In this webinar you'll learn about the vulnerabilities cities are exposed to as they take on smart city initiatives and what they can do to protect themselves.

Featured Speaker: Larry O'Brien - Vice President, Research, ARC Advisory Group

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Road Temperature Monitoring with the NearSky Smart City Platform

In this webinar we'll cover the benefits of the our Road Temperature Monitoring solution and how to use temperature data to stretch your winter maintenance budget by knowing exactly when and how to treat your roads. 

Speakers: John Joseph, VP - Marketing and Vlad Evtimov, NearSky Product Manager

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Making Partnerships Work, for Cities and for Smart-Solution Providers: What are The Key Ingredients for Success?

In this webinar you'll learn how smart city practitioners can leverage partnerships to do more with less. 

Speaker: Gordon Feller, Founder of Meeting of the Minds,. Meeting of the Minds is a non-profit whose mission is to bring together urban sustainability and technology leaders to share knowledge and catalyze lasting alliances. 

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Improving Public Safety with the NearSky Sound Analytics Solution

 In this webinar you'll learn how gunshot, glass break and aggression detection can be used to create safer streets in cities of all sizes. We'll review how these sensors can be combined with CIMCON's NearSky smart city platform to detect, manage, and act on crime related noises to help law enforcement and first responders during emergency situations.

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Old Problems, New Financing. How Subscription Models Could Help Cities Deploy Smarter Projects 

In this webinar you'll learn about new financing models for municipal energy infrastructure upgrades. Our speakers, Matt Bosch from Sparkfund and Elle Hempen from The Atlas for Cities dive into the challenges and opportunities cities face as they take on smart city or energy infrastructure projects.

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Smart Services: How Distribution Companies Help Create Smart Cities

For utilities, the days of consumption incentives driving revenue growth are long gone. Instead transmission and distribution companies are investing in intelligent solutions in order to continue to thrive in a dynamic marketplace where cities are devoted to saving energy and money. For Scotty Hutto,  Vice President of Utility Smart Lighting for PowerSecure Lighting - a subsidiary of Georgia Power, it is all about managing assets with smart city technology.

Watch this webinar to learn:  

  • How smart city applications build revenue opportunities for utilities and municipalities
  • The role of utilities in building smart cities

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Improving City Life with Pedestrian Counting and the NearSky Platform

Using advanced analytics software, the NearSky smart city platform simplifies people counting and offers an affordable, reliable way to monitor how people move about a municipality. In this presentation you will learn: 

  • The basics of pedestrian counting
  • The advantages of using NearSky for pedestrian analytics 
  • How to use pedestrian data to benefit city residents and businesses

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Smart City Economies

Technology is rapidly changing the global economic landscape, both in the developing and developed worlds. In this webinar, CIMCON Advisory Board member and Mastercard executive, Nic Villa will discuss:

  • Smart cities’ evolution in the last 15 years: from connectivity to IoT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business model evolution- From vendor-buyer hardware agreements  to co-creation and insights as a service
  • Sustainable economic models for smart city rollouts
  • Moving beyond “the tyranny of pilots”- Economic development in the city- data & payments as the new frontier 

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Smart City Planning in Syracuse, New York

Rebecca Klossner from the City Planning Division of Syracuse, NY speaks about the city's use of smart city technologies and streetlight controls to turn Syracuse into a growing, thriving city. Learn how the City of Syracuse is using smart technologies to: 

  • Save $3 million on the operating budget, based on maintenance and energy efficiencies
  • Improve the quality of lighting throughout the city
  • Offer improved city services

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Driving Innovation from Within the City

Innovation, design, thinking, and cutting edge technology are all factors that drive success in the private sector. However, these factors are not limited to the driving of success in this context, they are also extremely useful for cities. Join Nigel Jacob a co-founder of the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics, and Chris Davis, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Smart Cities to learn:

  • The role of innovation within local government
  • How urban R&D can drive improvements in city services, equity, and citizen engagement

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Analyzing Traffic Flows with the NearSky Platform

Traffic is a major headache and cost for municipalities that can hurt economic activity and public safety. In the US alone, the annual cost of traffic congestion is estimated to be $305 billion. The NearSky smart city platform allows municipalities to collect and analyze more traffic data so that they can reduce congestion, improve public safety and attract more residents and businesses. In this presentation you will learn:

  • The advantages of using NearSky for traffic analysis
  • How you can collect and use traffic data to improve the appeal for city residents and businesses

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Monitoring Air Quality with the NearSky Smart City Platform

In this webinar, you will be presented with information regarding the importance of air quality monitoring, what types of particles are measured, and how they can be measured using CIMCON's NearSky platform.  This webinar includes a demonstration of air quality monitoring.

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How the Public is Pushing Cities for Better Air Quality

In this podcast, hear CIMCON's VP of Smart Cities, Chris Davis and Julia Luongo, Managing Consultant at the Ramboll Group discuss how cities can improve their air quality monitoring to attract more residents and businesses. In addition, they discuss how the need for more granular air quality monitoring and how this can be accomplished though a variety of sensors.

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Dynamic Asset Management with LightingGale 

In this webinar, learn how CIMCON's LightingGale software and intelligent lighting controls allow a city or municipality to easily management their streetlight infrastructure to conserve energy and reduce energy and maintenance costs.  The webinar includes a live demonstration.

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NearSky™ - Enabling the Delivery of Urban Services

Cities are increasingly facing the challenge of gathering and analyzing digital data from physical assets outfitted with multiple controls and sensors on or near the street pole. In this webinar, CIMCON will first introduce the “NearSky” and why it is important in the move to the Smart City. It will then present its NearSky™ platform and how it will provide cities with a scalable landing platform for to easily collect, aggregate and visualize sensor, controls and device data on or near the light pole.

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Why Smart Cities Begin with Smart Lighting

As migration from rural to urban living has steadily increased, the need to create more efficient cities has grown. Cities are turning to smart technologies, such as sensors, cameras, and controllers, to help them reduce the cost of delivering city services. In this podcast, Anil Agrawal, CEO of CIMCON will discuss why many cities start this "smart city journey" by implementing smart lighting. 

Listen to learn:
  • The cost savings and energy savings generated by smart lighting projects

  • Additional benefits of smart lighting, including the public safety benefits 

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It Takes a Village to Make a Smart City

In this podcast, CIMCON's VP, Customer Success, Bob Flaherty answers the key questions that cities have once they have made the decision to become a smart city.  Key questions such as ‘What is the next step?’ and ‘How do we get there?’.

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Smart City and Lighting Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, listen as towns discuss the elements that need to be considered as they move to a smart city/smart lighting infrastructure. Hear Mark Wetzel, Superintendent of Public Works for the Town of Ayer, MA discuss the ease of use and vast data obtained via CIMCON streetlight controls; and hear from Cara Goodman, Clean Energy Coordinator at the MAPC discuss the merits of the Green Communities Program and intelligent controls.

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MAPC Assistance for Smart City and Lighting Projects

In this webinar, Cara Goodman, Clean Energy Coordinator for the MAPC discusses the administration of the Department of Energy's LED Retrofit grant for cities and towns moving to becoming a smart city and how the MAPC can help Massachusetts access grant funds. In addition, Cara discusses the benefits of intelligent lighting controls and how they offer an excellent way to future proof your city.

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Leveraging Your Streetlight Infrastructure as the Foundation for Smart City Applications

In their quest to move to “smart” many cities struggle with how to start the journey.  In this panel discussion, CIMCON will address how a city can leverage its streetlight network to become the core infrastructure for connecting distributed assets and maximizing the data available from them.   

Listen to Learn:

  • How city’s streetlight network become the backbone for the smart city
  • What you need to look for in evaluating the partnerships between smart city providers
  • What is the most logical way to begin your smart city journey
  • How to determine which applications are right for your city

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Introduction to CIMCON Lighting's Managed Service Portfolio

In this webinar, CIMCON will introduce the features and benefits of its managed services programs, which help you easily maximize and manage your streetlight controls investment.  We'll outline the capabilities of all of our managed service programs, including our 24x7 service.

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CIMCON Lighting and Its NearSky™ Platform

Cities moving to “smart” are faced with the challenge of collecting and aggregating digital data from a wide variety of physical assets. In this webinar, CIMCON will introduce its revolutionary, new NearSky™ platform that will provide cities with a scalable landing platform for sensor, controls and device data on or near the street pole to be easily collected, aggregated and visualized.

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 A Safe Campus Starts with CIMCON’s Mobile Blue Light Emergency App

Student safety and rapid communication with campus security is critical in an emergency. In this webinar, CIMCON introduces its Mobile Blue Light System that lets students quickly notify campus security using their mobile phone in an emergency.

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