Safety (and Privacy) First

March 17, 2020 - When towns and cities focus on increasing public safety, they are often left in a state of confusion with a myriad of technology solutions all claiming to be safer, smarter, better than the next.

 Municipalities want it all, crime reduction, road safety, pedestrian safety, first-responder assistance and more. On top of that, city decision makers are often flooded with the number of potential solutions that could solve their specific problem. Should the town hire more personnel, or they install security cameras – each solution shows promise however each approach will have its challenges. 

One of the largest challenges municipalities will face is the lifecycle of the solution. Are you addressing today’s problem with a solution that may work, but will have trouble scaling as your needs grow?

Placing a few live streaming cameras may help investigators understand how a crime took place once it’s past, but will you be hiring expensive personnel to sit and monitor live cameras 24/7? As safety needs grow and more cameras are needed, what increase in costs will these services have for data transfer and storage? Furthermore, how will the public respond when they feel their privacy is at risk?

In one of our latest webinars, we discussed how CIMCON is addressing public safety with a privacy-first approach, allowing municipalities to scale their safety solution without equally scaling their budget. With CIMCON’s public safety solution with the NearSky platform, your city can monitor key locations, or large city areas for zone intrusion, objects left behind or stolen, and even gunshot or aggression.

In this quick video captured from our webinar, NearSky Product Manager Vlad Evtimov and I are showing off the wrong way and object left behind features of the NearSky Platform. In this example, you’ll see that my truck when driving in the right direction, I get captured but no action is taken.  When I travel in the wrong direction, you’ll see my vehicle is captured as a wrong way.  Let’s say this is a wrong way driver on a highway or main artery. This alert can be sent to local first-responders and help avoid a serious collision. 

Next in the video you’ll see me drive up to an area and drop a suspicious package. After a few seconds (the time frame is customizable) you’ll see the NearSky platform captures the object left behind. Not only will this help notify police when suspicious package is left behind, it can also be used to track illegal dumping activities and notify local police to help catch the offender.

Finally, with gunshot and aggression monitoring, police can be instantly notified of weapon discharges and potential assaults which can expedite investigations allowing police to address safety concerns before they escalate.

Each of these public safety monitoring services uses machine learning and edge processing to notify the right personnel instantly without requiring someone to continually monitor solutions in real-time. The NearSky 360 processes each of these sensors on location without streaming recordings to a 3rd party service in the cloud. This alleviates resident concerns who worry about their privacy being invaded. The powerful edge processor analyses all video and audio information and only shares the important notification with the right person in your municipality to act when needed. 

To see the entire public safety webinar, you can view the on-demand recording here.