Managed Services: Simplify Your Smart City

January 27, 2020 - According to McKinsey Global Institute, by the end of 2020 there will be over 20.4 Billion devices connected through IoT. In this fast-paced environment, cities must be able to easily and efficiently extrapolate value from the outpouring of data. Typical Smart City sensors record a variety of information, including but not limited to traffic volume, temperature, air quality, gunshots, and parking. With such a new and growing market, cities can easily find themselves bogged down with simply keeping everything operational, let alone the massive datasheets, and cumbersome fire-hose of raw information. This is where Smart City Managed Services come into play. Municipalities need simple and accessible platforms to visualize information captured around the cityscape.

As the Smart City industry expands, Managed Services will continue to play a larger role. At CIMCON we are seeing 20% of Smart City projects involving managed services. We predict that number will reach 60-65% by 2025. Ultimately, managed services accelerate outcomes, and allow governments to spend their valuable time looking forwards not backwards.

Managed Services provide the steering wheel for the vehicle that is Smart Cities. With the proper platform and execution, municipalities can expect “30–40% fewer crime incidents, 8–15% lower disease burden, 15–30 minutes shaved off the daily commute, and 20–35% faster emergency response times”[1]. In places with implemented managed services like Auckland, the initiatives “generated an annual gross benefit of $78 million” [2]. Other major cities like Los Angeles are also reaping the benefits of real time managed services, as they are “expected to save $2.5 million annually on maintenance costs”[3]. However, the cost of achieving these outcomes is often entire departments working endless hours at the expense of other municipal priorities.

Here at CIMCON, we have rolled out Managed Services that provide a helping hand in dealing with the grunt work. We offer premium support, forecastable insights, and most importantly remove day to day tasks like sensor maintenance from city’s to-do list.  Our experienced, knowledgeable staff work 24/7 to help ensure your streetlight network is available, and performs to expectations while lowering operations costs.

We offer three distinct service levels, with a plan to match each city's unique needs and budget:

- LightHands - Lighting Control Configuration and Reporting 

- LightSOS - Lighting Infrastructure Monitoring and Notifications

- LightAssure - Complete Lighting Network Management 

Our services bring industry-leading reports, with contextualized bench-marking compared to neighbors, so cities know exactly where they stand. Our job is to make city managers’ jobs easier, so they can spend less of their valuable time collecting data and more of it planning for their citizen’s future.