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Audio Analytics

Detect and act on crime related sounds like glass breaking, gunshots, aggressive voices and more.

CIMCON’s Audio Analytic Solution uses advanced audio analytics to detect crime-related noises. The NearSky™ Smart City Platform allows cities to easily deploy audio sensors so officials can monitor and act anomaly sounds like gunshots, breaking glass or aggressive voices.


  • Comprehensive – the NearSky solution allows you to collect many data points: gunshot, glass break, aggression detection and noise level.
  • Modular and mobile – collect data where you want, when you want and easily move the microphones to another location, if desired
  • Low bandwidth – The NearSky 360 processes audio data at the edge of the network so you don’t have to capture, transmit and store full-length audio, just events and anomalies that are detected
  • Software can be integrated with video platforms to reduce deployment costs
  • Pre-configured reports – noise data is collected, aggregated, and visualized in NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software, so you can easily track measurements and share them with interested parties



  • Crime prevention – real-time monitoring increases awareness to potentially dangerous situations and informs decision making, such as police placement or streetlight brightness.
  • Improve Response - Reduce response time and better prepare police and emergency responders by providing audio and location data from the event scene.
  • Noise pollution monitoring – efficiently enforce noise ordinance infractions in construction zones or industrial sites.
Learn More About Audio Analytics

Learn More About Audio Analytics

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