The TALQ Smart City Protocol - A Standard for Interoperability 


Every day new smart city projects are announced: smart streetlights, waste bins, parking spaces, the list goes on. Most of the available solutions, however, are proprietary, locking cities into a single vendor for their desired solutions.


TALQ is here to help.

The TALQ Consortium aims to define a globally accepted smart city protocol for central management software to configure, control, command and monitor smart city device networks.


During this webinar will discuss:

  • The advantages of TALQ certified solutions including interoperability and future proofing.
  • How TALQ simplifies smart city deployment 
  • How to become TALQ certified
  • CIMCON's decision to join the TALQ consortium 

Featured Speakers

Dr. Simon Dunkley  - Secretary General of the TALQ Consortium

Mark Cullum - Consultant, CIMCON

Liz Glivinski - Associate Director of Marketing and Partnerships, CIMCON